Champion Force Athletics

Team Tumbling 
Team Tumbling classes are specialized to train all skill levels within each individual.  all teams receive organized programs with in and outside class training material.  Progressional skill strength is separated based on level and quality of each athlete's skill set.  tumbling classes are always planned before class time and made to strengthen, train, educate, motivate, and advance, each athlete to their highest potential. The ultimate goal of prestige athletics is to be the best form of supplemental training for all champion force cheer teams.  

skill based tumbling
Skill Based tumbling classes are designed for each specific skill level.  Classes ranging from Beginner, back-walkover, back-handspring, and tuck & above, Are available for athletes that wish to train with other athletes with similar individual goals.  Each class is created to perfect and progress each level of skill as a whole.  perfecting and maintaining achieved skills, strengthening drills, and working up to the next level of tumbling is the goal of each class.  

Ths class is made to build the ultimate cheerleader!  Strength, flexibility, balance, and control are just a few of the concepts learned from prestige flex classes.  All athletes are welcome and all positions within a cheer team are trained.  if you are looking to progress in all areas of cheer, this class is for you!