-5 things to know about our amazing coach....

                                                                                 1.  Coach has been with Prestige Athletics going on 3 years. 

                                                                                 2. Coach Darnell is back from his injury.

                                                                                 3. Coach Darnell has a triple full twisting layout.                                                                                                                                                                      

​                                                                                 4. Coach Darnell's favorite color is red

                                                                                5. Coach Darnell's favorite hobby is Tumbling!

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Prestige Athletics staff members are USASF certified in tumbling, stunting and tosses levels 1-5

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Staff Spotlight is on Coach Darnell!!!!

*Coach Darnell is one of our most beloved coaches and has quickly shown himself to be one of our most commendable assets! Coach Darnell's drive and energy is both infectious and desired. His tumbling knowledge and personal achievements, set him above the rest.